Kuala Lumpur
20/27 febbraio 2005


from The February issue of the ICC European Development Program


For Italians few exotic countries, if any at all, are culturally more fascinating than Malaysia. This is exclusively due to Emilio Salgari, a turinese writer of the turn of the XXth century who, without ever travelling to those shores, wrote dozens of books on the legendary Sandokan, "The Tiger of Mompracem",
and on his perennial fight with the no less famous Sir James Brooke, the white rajah of Sarawak.

Partially true this may be, Brooke is a historical figure whilst Sandokan also existed but was definitely less illustrious than his English foe, but what is definite is that on February 16th Italy will put foot on the plane heading towards Kuala Lumpur and the dream (or nightmare) of a place in next July's ICC Trophy in Ireland.

Preparation for participation in this event, officially known as Division 2 of the World Cup Qualifying Series, started as soon as it was clear on July 22 that Italy had won the European Championship 2nd Division. 14 players to get in shape out of season with little to no resources: not an easy equation to solve. In essence approximately 30.000 Euros have been spent to insure that Italy defends Europe's honour as well as possible in the land of the future ICC Chairman.

FILA and the European Cricket Council have been instrumental in allowing Italy to prepare as well as possible. The clothing company sponsored two players, Kelum Perera and Francesco Scarponi, hosted in Melbourne by team mate Nicola Puccio, whilst ECC unfroze most of its 2004/05 ASP contribution to Italy in addition to its consolidated support to the Italian Academy. Players also have contributed from their own
pockets with the two Sri Lanklan residents, Hemantha Jayasena and Samantha Ketipe, returning to their homelands early, luckily to discover that they had not suffered any damage from the Boxing Day Tsunami and, thus, being able to concentrate on their cricket. Likewise for fast bowler Alaud Din, who spent November and December playing league cricket in Lahore, whilst Valerio Zuppiroli and Edoardo Gallo where hosted respectively by Andrea Corbellari and Alessandro Bonora in Cape Town. Joe Scuderi himself put up
wicket - keeper Gabriele Passaretti for a week in Nelson to check that the skills that made him player of the Tournament in Belgium last July were still in full alert.

So we are nearly there, in one month the tournament will be history and Italy, probably with more relief than despair, will look back on an experience the validity of which in terms of growth and development of game in the peninsula only time will tell.

February 2005

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